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7 Things About Strata Cleaning You Need To Know

We are all aware of cleaning but did you know the concept of cleaning professionally? Many of us are not sure how to work smart and easy. Yes, I’m talking about Strata Cleaning. We can say Strata Cleaning or Smart cleaning.

The concept of Strata Cleaning was first started in Australia. Strata is a word in the Australian English language that means “a lot of things.”

It is a term commonly used in real estate. Strata is also the term used to describe a building in which individual units are owned by individual homeowners.

It is an interesting concept in Australia. It is one of the most important service providers in the industry.

Cleaning services are a very important service in any building.

In order to maintain this service, there must be a company that provides it, or else the building will have to start from the ground up.

If a building does not have enough time to clean the building, then it will have to call in a cleaning service.

However, there are some problems with these types of cleaning service providers.

For example, they may not be very good at cleaning and they may not provide the best service.

This is where the strata cleaning service comes in. Strata cleaning service providers are the best option for a building.

These companies are hired by the building committee, and they perform all the cleaning in common spaces like elevators, swimming pools, hallways, and gyms.

They are also hired to do window washing, carpet cleaning, and even pest control.

This type of company is more affordable and quicker than hiring a janitorial company.

What work does Strata Cleaning do?

Strata Cleaning are responsible for all the cleaning in the building, which includes: vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, mopping, and sweeping.

Its management is a way of organizing property ownership, maintenance, and management, primarily in multi-unit residential buildings and estates.

Strata Cleaning is a form of property management that is governed by a body of rules and regulations.

The term is most commonly used in Australia and Canada.

Strata usually mean “room” in Latin, though the term is not limited to rooms. In Canada, it is also used to refer to apartment buildings.

Strata Cleaning

Importance of Strata Cleaning

1. Experienced Cleaners and Professional Cleaners

You need to maintain your commercial spaces, but you can’t always hire a professional.

This is where you need a professional experienced strata cleaning service.

Strata cleaning services offer cleaning and repair services for commercial spaces.

This is a service that you can use to ensure your building or commercial spaces are always kept neat and tidy.

The professional cleaner will take care of the equipment that might be damaged if not maintained.

Again, this is another reason you need strata cleaning services.

2. Health and Security

How often do you use open spaces in your home? One of the reasons why open spaces get dirty really quickly is that people use them more often than they should.

You or your family members might use them when you sit down to watch TV or eat, but they stay dirty.

If you don’t clean them every day, they will remain unhealthy and impact your health.

For a quick and easy way to clean open spaces in your home, you can hire a professional cleaner to come in on a regular basis. This will save you time and effort.

3. Skillful Cleaners

Floor types are some of the most important things to consider when it comes to cleaning a home.

They determine how fast and effectively you can clean the floor and how good the floors will look for a long time.

There are three main floor types, and they are carpet, tile, and hardwood.

If you have any one of these floor types in your home, you have to be very careful to clean them properly.

Floor types require special attention, so it is best to hire professionals to clean the floor.

4. Vacuum Cleaning

If you are considering carpet as a floor in your business, you might be wondering how cleaning it is going to work.

Carpet is generally easier to clean than hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring, but it can be a challenge for those without a vacuum cleaner.

Strata cleaning offers free vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning as well.

If you like to clean yourself, you would need to buy a vacuum cleaner to clean small areas.

So, hiring a cleaning service like Strata Carpet Cleaning can be a cost-effective option that will save you a lot of time and effort!

5. Changing Emergency Lights

If you are a building owner or the owner of a commercial space, you know the importance of good lighting.

It is important to keep the lights leading the way, but it’s also important to keep them in good shape.

If you know that your building’s lights are not working properly, or if you notice that some lights are not working at all, you can always call Strata cleaners to help.

This is a professional company that offers its cleaning services to residential and commercial properties.

They are known for their reliable service and great customer service. And their services don’t stop at the cleaning.

They also replace and maintain the lights in your building.

6. Pool Cleansing & Maintenance

It is an important part of owning a pool. Again, it might not seem necessary, but a pool is a huge investment and it’s really important not to neglect the upkeep.

If you want to be sure that your pool stays clean and your water is pristine, you’ll need to perform pool maintenance on a regular basis. 

Strata cleaners are professionals in pool maintenance. They can help you manage your swimming pool and keep it clean.

Such is the importance of pool maintenance that it can be the difference between a healthy pool and one that is not. 

7. Cheaper Package Deals

If you are looking for a way to save money this coming year, one way to do this is to outsource some of the tasks that you need to be done to a company.

For example, you can hire a cleaning company to come in, clean, and even do your laundry.

However, you might find that you are still paying a hefty total to have a common property cleaned.

This is where strata cleaning services come in. Strata cleaning services offer all-in-one package deals that you can use to clean all of the spaces inside your strata complex.

Again, this is a great way to not only save money but also to ensure that your common property is cleaned efficiently.

Services offered by Strata Cleaning Companies

  • Sanitation of outdoor spaces and removal of natural debris
  • Sterilization floors of common areas
  • Cleaning elevators and disinfecting buttons/screens inside
  • Disinfecting switchboards in all common areas
  • Dusting furniture in common rooms
  • Cleaning cobwebs from outdoor and indoor areas within the property
  • Sterilizing frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, railings, tables, chair backs, etc
  • Vacuuming carpeted floors of common areas
  • Cleaning and maintaining common wheelie bins
  • Dusting walls
  • Washing glass doors and windows
  • Cleaning garden areas and lawn maintenance
  • Cleaning and removal of stains from pavers and concrete flooring


Who is Responsible for organizing Strata Cleaning?

Strata managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the building, including maintaining it and making decisions on behalf of the owners living in the building.

They are also responsible for ensuring that common areas of the building are kept clean and safe, and for maintaining the facilities.

The role of a strata manager is an important one and comes with many responsibilities.

One of these responsibilities is to make decisions on behalf of the owners of the building.

How Long does Strata Cleaning Take?

Strata cleaning depends on what is the size of your building. The type of work needs to be done?

What are the tasks that need to be completed? Lastly, what are the standards for cleanliness?

Most cleaners will need approximately around at least 2 hours to do basic cleaning of common areas.

If your service includes detailed cleaning tasks (like pressure washing the exterior) it will take much longer. 

Strata cleaning services are a wonderful way for building owners to save money.

What Cleaning and Maintenance Work isn’t included in Strata Cleaning?

If you are looking for a strata cleaning service, it’s important to know what services are included.

There are two services that may not be provided by your strata building’s cleaning service: mowing and hedging. 

Sometimes this means the strata needs to hire a handyman, gardener, or even a cleaner to arrive at the building to do some work.

When should I Book Professional Strata Cleaning?

The most common time for strata cleaning is around every 1-2 weeks.

Depending on the size of your building, the number of units, and what your strata cleaning budget is, this time frame can be different.

One can contact Strata Clean Group for more information. Also one of the leading strata cleaning groups is the WHITE SPOT GROUP

However, you should plan for more cleaning if you live in a larger building with a lot of people, in order to avoid mold and grime.

How much does Strata cleaning cost?

When you’re looking to keep your apartment, condo, or strata clean, you may be wondering how much it will cost.

Depending on the size of your building, the size of your tasks, and the number of people who live there, the cost of strata cleaning services can vary.

For example, the cost of cleaning a building with 500 units could range from $60-$300.

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We hope you enjoyed our blog about cleaning services. Strata cleaning is professional teamwork of cleaners.

Not all buildings have the time or resources to hire a cleaning service and maintain this service.

This can cause a number of problems for the building.

If you do not have a cleaning service and are concerned about how to keep your building clean, contact us and we will help you create a uniform cleaning schedule.

Thank you for reading, we hope you found this information beneficial and help find the best professional team you were looking for.

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