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Waymo’s self-driving cars

Waymo, Alphabet’s driverless car company, is partnering with Chinese automaker Geely to create a fleet of all-electric, self-driving robotaxis. This is the first time that Waymo will be working with an automaker.

Also, the first electric robotaxi was designed by a carmaker. The all-electric robotaxi will be available to people in Phoenix, Arizona, later this year. Waymo’s self-driving Robotaxis cars are the future of mobility.

Let us check why Waymos cars are called future cars.

What is Waymo’s vision for a self-driving car?

Alphabet’s self-driving car company Waymo is partnering with Chinese automaker Geely to create a fleet of all-electric, self-driving robotaxi. What is Waymo’s vision for a self-driving car? Waymo’s vision for a self-driving car includes the following features.

“You can summon a ride from anywhere”. You can trust it to take you to your destination without accidents” and “you can use it without a driver”

What will Waymo’s self-driving robotaxi cost?

Waymo’s self-driving robo taxi will sell for $1,000 each

 Why Waymo chose Geely to build the cars.

Waymo, the self-driving car company owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, announced that it had chosen Geely to design and build the cars. Geely, a company that makes cars, trucks, buses, and sports cars, is best known for its ownership of Volvo and for its ownership of the Lotus sports car brand. Waymo did not say how many cars the companies planned to build.

What features will the vehicles have?

Waymo announced plans today to launch its own fleet of self-driving, all-electric robo taxi with a Chinese automaker. The first company to partner with an automaker for this purpose. The finished vehicle is specially designed for autonomous ride-hailing travel.

The floor is flat, the step-in height is low, the B-pillarless design makes it easy to get in and out, and there are sliding doors. Having reclining seats, and ample headroom. The vehicle also has a big, wraparound windshield with a panoramic view. Also has large side mirrors, and a “signature Waymo blue” paint job.

Waymo’s self-driving technology will be available for everyone, not just the elite.

Waymo’s new self-driving technology is coming to a car near you. The technology will be available for anyone, no matter their location, as the cars can be ordered through an established ride-sharing platform.


We hope you enjoyed our blog about Waymo’s future cars and the designs they’re coming up with. We know that many readers are looking forward to the release of this all-electric robotaxi. Also, we love seeing all the different designs. We’re excited for a world of self-driving cars, but we have one request before the future comes.