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7startup Ideas of 3D printing.

There is a growing demand for 3D printing in the field of Medical, Architecture, Automotive, Industrial, and Aerospace technology. Studies show that the 3D printing industry is growing fast at a 20% rate. Let’s see the 7startup Ideas for 3D printing.

What is 3D printing?

Any 3D drawing can be printed as a 3-D object. Turn your 3D file into 3 D object. Simply take your 3d print or file, Convert it into G. code and simply input it into a 3D printer with the help of software. You will prepare the object the same as your 3D print or images.

7 Different 3D printing ideas.

Here is the list of 7 Business Ideas

1. 3D miniature/3D Selfie.

In this, with the help of a CD scanner, you have to CD scan the person and prepare a 3D model. This would be a 3D-printed miniature. This is the best unique gift you can gift to a couple or individual on occasion. You can make a 3D selfie studio and it’s great to start making money.

2. 3D Printed Gifts

Human psychology is such that if he sees some beautiful unique gift printed objects he will definitely buy them. There is already a big demand for it. If you are creative you can prepare different ideas, like landscape or scenery on the model.

These 3D prints have vast ideas, the more creative ideas you present the more unique model you prepare. Eg Pen holder, Flower vase,3D printed vase,3 D keyholder.

3. 3D-Print-on-Demand

This is the Business to Business Model. You can start an online store. In this, the client or anybody wants a 3D print of the model, or say car parts. The client has to send a CAD file to your website to upload. You can save it by giving a code.

After preparing the 3D print model you can send and earn good money. You can start this with an FDM printer. The better service you provide the better it would be for clients and businesses. You can also start custom 3D parts and projects for schools and colleges.

4. 3D Printing in Architecture

3D printing can be very useful in construction sites. Traditionally engineers prepare a 2D plan. With the help of a 2D construction plan, you can prepare a real 3-D real like a model plan. But Then the question arises why would someone buy a 3D plan?

Actually big construction companies like a real model plan to pitch to their clients and that creates a good impression. Also, it helps the client to visualize the construction plan.

5. Affiliate marketing in 3D Printing

One can generate a good income in Affiliate marketing in 3D. You can create an affiliate of 3D products and services and post it on your blog, website, or youtube channel. Similarly, you can guide your clients, customers, and users and if you have good followers then this is a good idea for startups.

You can also get ownership from ED printing companies. Also, you can create different affiliate links for 3D printing and machines and earn good profits when someone clicks your affiliate links.

6. 3D Printing Instructor.

If you have good experience in 3D printing like knowledge of software, how to do 3D printing, and 3D model-making.Then you can be a 3D printing guide. How to earn revenue?

You can prepare an online 3D course, like how to become a 3D printing master? Also, you can also start Online courses on 3D printing. Similarly, you can start E bookselling and offline classes

7. Become a Wholesaler or Filament dealer.

The important part of 3D printing is 3D Filament. With the help of 3D filament, a 3D printer can create any 3D object. You can get contact a filament company and claim ownership of filament and start your online or offline store and generate monthly revenue. Finally, by becoming wholesale dealers you will be able to sell different 3D printing parts

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