Sensitive Meaning In a Broader Way


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We as humans are Sensitive. It means we are aware. To be sensitive has a broad concept and a variety of meanings, depending on the situation in which it is used. Here are some more detailed explanations of the Sensitive Meaning.

Sensitive Meaning

  • Sensitive to cause
  • Emotionally sensitive
  • Easily damaged or affected
  • Responsive or aware
  • Political or cultural sensitivity

Sensitive to Cause

Sensitive Meaning, Sensitive to cause

Sensitive to something is able to react or respond to causes, such as light, sound, or touch. For example, a person’s skin is sensitive to the touch, and a microphone is sensitive to sound waves.

In general, Sensitivity to cause refers to something reacting or responding to a condition whether it be physical, emotional, or psychological.

Emotionally Sensitive

Emotionally sensitive

Emotionally sensitive people are those who are easily affected by other people’s emotions and can get easily upset or hurt. Empathy is a positive quality as it allows people to be more sensitive to the feeling of others.

Some people are naturally emotionally sensitive, while others get emotionally sensitive to certain events or situations. There are a lot of factors that influence emotional sensitivity that includes genes, personality, and life experiences.

Easily Damaged or Affected

Something that is sensitive can be easily damaged or affected by external factors. For example, a person’s eyes are sensitive to bright light.

Easily damaged or affected

Another example- certain materials are sensitive to heat or humidity. Sensitivity can be affected by a variety of external factors, which include physical, emotional, and psychological. Some examples of external factors that can affect sensibility include:

  1. Physical conditions: Physical conditions like pain, illness, or fatigue can affect a person’s ability to feel things. One typical example is a person who is experiencing a headache and may have difficulty focusing on tasks.
  2. Emotional experiences: Emotional experiences are stress, anxiety, or depression. It can also affect a person’s sensibility. Someone who is feeling anxious or stressed may find it challenging to feel positive emotions or enjoy activities that they normally find pleasurable.
  3. Psychological factors: Psychological factors such as mental health conditions or past traumas. It can also affect a person’s sensibility. Someone who is dealing with a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression may have a harder time feeling positive emotions or enjoying activities.

Perceptive or Aware

Perceptive or aware

Such sensitivity refers to a person’s awareness and the people around them. Someone who is sensitive or self-aware is able to understand things more immediately than those without sensitivity.

They may be aware of little changes or variations in their environment or in the behavior of others. This type of Sensitivity can be helpful in communication, understanding, and making decisions.

Perception can also be helpful to the psychology field where there are a lot of challenges to understanding human behavior.

Political or Cultural Sensitivity

Political or cultural sensitivity

Political or Cultural sensitivity refers to awareness of certain issues or topics that can create controversy or offense because they involve cultural and social beliefs.

It is the work of media and journalism to highlight the subject that is good and report the issues objectively. The report can be in the form of a story or on different cultural groups of people.

Cultural Sensitivity can be promoted in the fields of Healthcare and education. There are a lot of clashes and misunderstandings of political and cultural activity.

It is important to educate young youths to respect different cultural practices or beliefs. We need social understanding to organize both Political and Cultural Sensitivity to make us proud.

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Sensitive Meaning in a broader sense is being sensitive to the needs, feelings, or situations, and awareness of political and Social culture is what Sensitive means. We hope you liked the article on Sensitive Meanings and what are the factors affecting them.

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