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Nienna Jade: What Nienna Jade Can Teach You About Motivation

Not many must be knowing Nienna Jade, as Jade Darmawangsa. But most of you must be familiar that she is a prominent social media influencer, entrepreneur, and content creator based in the United States.

Nienna Jade, Known for her knowledge of digital marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship. She has gained a leading voice in the online business community.

Nienna Jade inspires and educates millions of aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

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In this article, we’ll take a look at Jade Darmawangsa’s background, career, and personal life. So are you ready to inspect the key moments that have shaped her journey to success?


Nienna Jade
PROFESSIONSocial media personality and Model
BIRTHPLACESeattle, Washington
HEIGHT5.8 FT. (177cms)
WEIGHT64 Kgs. (141 Ibs)
Shoe size6 (US)
NET WORTH$1 million

Early Life and Education

Jade Darmawangsa was born on December 6, 1995, in Indonesia. She was raised in a family of entrepreneurs, with both of her parents running their own businesses.


At a very young age, Jade was exposed to the world of entrepreneurship. She adopted and learned the basic valuable skills and insights from her parents.

Jade’s interest in digital marketing and entrepreneurship started during her high school years.

Her first impact started with a fashion blog. Jade quickly realized the potential of social media for building a personal brand and growing an online business.


She participated in freelance digital marketing projects, which helped her to develop and enhance her skills and build her portfolio.

Soon after graduating from high school, Jade joined business administration at the University of Southern California.

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During her time at the university, she continued to work on her interests in digital marketing and entrepreneurship. That helped her participate in internships and freelance projects in the industry.

Nienna Jade also co-founded a startup called Rackspace. It provided event management and marketing services to college organizations.

The company was a big hit, and Jade gained valuable experience in managing a team and growing a business.

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After graduating from university, Jade tried to focus on her entrepreneurial ventures full-time. She launched her first e-commerce store, JD Media Surge, in 2016.

The social media influencer has since founded and co-founded several other ventures. Each venture focused on different aspects of digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

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Throughout her early life, education, and career, Jade Darmawangsa showed a passion for entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

Her experiences and education laid the foundation for her successful career as an entrepreneur.

She continues to be a leading voice in the industry. Her inspiration, passion, and love for her work inspire and guide others to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams.

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Jade Darmawangsa’s career in digital marketing and entrepreneurship began during her time at the University of Texas at Austin.

She started a YouTube channel where she shared her experiences and tips on topics such as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Remarkable isn’t it?

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Her videos went viral and gained popularity, she soon became a leading voice in the online content creation community.

As her fan following grew, the social media influencer began to receive a lot of inquiries from businesses and brands interested in collaborating with her.

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She realized the potential of these partnerships and started to develop her skills in digital marketing and branding.

Now the social media influencer is part of a team that helps these companies to reach and engage with their target audiences more effectively.

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Jade’s expertise in digital marketing and branding quickly became a valuable asset in the business world.

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Her project started receiving more and more inquiries from businesses looking for her guidance. Jade decided to start her own consulting agency, Jade & Oak.

For those who are not familiar, Nienna Jade & Oak offers a range of services. It includes branding strategy, social media management, and content creation.

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The agency is known to work with a wide range of businesses, from small startups to large corporations. It helps them to establish and grow their online presence and reach new audiences.

The social media influencer success in digital marketing and entrepreneurship has led to several notable achievements.

In 2018, she was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in the Marketing and Advertising category. It recognizes her as one of the top young talents in the industry.

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Entrepreneurial Ventures

Jade Darmawangsa is now a top successful entrepreneur with several ventures under her belt. Her entrepreneurial journey began in 2016.

The social media influencer launched her first e-commerce store, JD Media Surge, which provided digital marketing services to small businesses.

Since then, she has founded and co-founded several other ventures, each focused on different aspects of digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

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Here are some of her entrepreneurial ventures:

X8 Media

X8 Media is a digital marketing agency. It provides comprehensive services to help businesses grow their online presence.

The agency offers a range of services, including social media management, content creation, email marketing, and SEO optimization.

X8 Media has worked with a range of clients, including startups and established businesses.

Jade Darmawangsa

Jade Darmawangsa

Jade Darmawangsa is Jade’s personal brand, which she has built through her social media presence and her online courses.

Her personal brand focuses on teaching others how to grow their online businesses. She encourages people to focus on social media and personal branding.

Her courses include “The Content Creator Bootcamp” and “The Personal Branding Accelerator.”


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MarketEase is an e-commerce platform. It allows businesses to create their online stores quickly and easily.

The platform offers a range of features. It includes product management, payment processing, and shipping integration.

MarketEase was founded by Jade and her business partner, Antonius Tanan.


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CloutBoost is a marketing agency. It focuses on influencer marketing. The agency helps businesses connect with social media influencers to promote their products or services.

CloutBoost has worked with a range of clients. It includes well-known brands such as Samsung and McDonald’s.


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ShopJoy is an e-commerce platform. It provides businesses with a range of tools to help them build and grow their online stores.

The platform offers features such as social media integration, product management, and payment processing. ShopJoy was founded by Jade and her business partner, Ryan Yu.

Jade’s entrepreneurial ventures reflect her expertise and passion for digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

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Her dedication to growing businesses and online presence has earned her a good reputation as a leading voice in the online business community.

With her innovative ideas and commitment to success, Jade continues to be a driving force in the world of digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

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Personal Life

The social media influencer’s personal life is noticed by her dedication to her passions, including travel, fitness, and personal growth.

She is a strong believer in the power of self-improvement. It helps her constantly seek new ways to challenge herself and grow as an individual.

Jade Darmawangs


The social media influencer’s love of travel has been a big influence on her life and career. She has visited over 30 countries around the world.

She portrays her experiences on her social media channels and inspires others to explore new places and cultures.

Jade’s travel experiences have also played a role in her professional growth. It provides her with new perspectives and insights into the global market.

Her travels have made her meet and work with entrepreneurs and businesses from around the world. It helped her expand her network and broaden her expertise.

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The social media influencer is a dedicated fitness enthusiast. She believes that taking care of one’s physical health is essential for personal growth and success.

The fitness star includes exercise and healthy habits in her daily routine. She shares her tips and insights with her followers on social media.

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Jade’s commitment to fitness also extends to her professional life. She recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

She encourages her clients and followers to take part in physical and mental well-being as part of their entrepreneurial journey.

Personal Growth

The social media influencer’s dedication to personal growth and self-improvement is a key aspect of her personal and professional life.

She believes that continuous learning and self-reflection are very important for success. The celebrity also encourages her followers to pursue their goals with intention and purpose.

 Ninja Jade professional life.

The social media influencer is constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth.

She has pursued various education programs and certifications. It helps her to enhance her skills to expertise in digital marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship.

She also shares her insights and experiences with her followers. It offers guidance and support for those looking to develop their own personal and professional skills.

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In conclusion, Jade Darmawangsa’s personal life is marked by her dedication to her passions, including travel, fitness, and personal growth.

Her commitment to these areas has not only made her own life full but also has also inspired and motivated millions of followers around the world.

As an influencer, entrepreneur, and thought leader, the social media influencer continues to be a leading voice in the online business community. This has helped many in shaping the future of digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

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