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What Happened To The Houseparty App Shutdown?

Houseparty app is a video chat app. 100 million times downloads by over 300 million people. However, the app shut down after its usage declined since the restrictions were lifted in Saudi Arabia, India, and Pakistan. In 2015 it shut down.

So let’s see Why did Houseparty app shut down, and what happened?  

What Happened to the Houseparty App?

Houseparty, a video chat app popularized by the eponymous TV show, shut down in 2018 after two years of continued decline in users.

The company announced that it had tried to make changes to improve the app, but it couldn’t keep up with the competition.

Houseparty’s app users turned to other apps, such as Facebook’s new “Rooms” app, which offers a similar group video experience.

After the coronavirus restrictions across the world were lifted, usage of the Houseparty app declined severely.

This created a problem for the company because they were not able to make money.

Houseparty was shut down because its usage declined severely after the coronavirus restrictions were lifted.

In 2015 its services started and shut down on November 27th, 2018. with Epic Games stating that it was shutting down in order to focus on its own products

Why did the Houseparty App Shut Down?

House party games app shutdown is attributed to a lot of factors. One of the main reasons is that the game became too difficult to maintain.

There were too many features for the developers to keep up with, and the Houseparty app ended up being too complex for its own good.

Another reason to shut down is that the game changed with the times and became less relevant to the audience.

The game was also too expensive for a lot of people, which made it more difficult for the developers to keep up with the game.

Also, the company had to shut down because it was losing money.

The last reason to shut down is that the game was simply not fun enough for the people who were playing it.

Some even say the game was too complicated for a lot of people to enjoy the experience.

However, Houseparty’s app usage declined severely after coronavirus restrictions.

Nobody knows why it shut down exactly. Also, because of safety risks, people were scared to use the app.

How did Houseparty App do before the Coronavirus Restrictions?

Before the coronavirus restrictions, the house party games app saw remarkable success. The app had seen 50 million sign-ups, which is around 70 times above normal in some markets.

The app also saw record mobile downloads, with installs spiking in recent weeks. So, what was the cause of this immense success?

The cause seems to be the introduction of new features and the way that the app is marketed.

The app was also very easy to use, which also helps the app to be successful.

Why did the App Shut down after the Coronavirus Restrictions?

Houseparty, a video messaging service, usage declined severely. It was shut down after coronavirus restrictions across the world were lifted.

The company’s co-founder, Alex Ljung, said that the usage declined to the point where it was not worth continuing the service.

Also, one reason to shut down was once the restrictions were lifted. People used more free services to text and call people which made the company lose.

The main reason that the Houseparty app shut down after the coronavirus restrictions were because of the rise of Facebook Rooms.

Facebook had introduced a similar group video experience to the market.

This caused the Houseparty app to take a hit. It wasn’t the only thing that caused Houseparty’s downloads to decline.

Houseparty app also lost some of its appeal when the company decided to shut down.

This was because Houseparty was no longer able to give the attention it required to the app.

Houseparty app shutdown.

How to Find the Best Houseparty App Alternatives?

In the wake of Houseparty’s app shutdown, there are a few options for gamers looking to use a similar service. Here are the 3 best alternatives to Houseparty.


Mumble is a free and open-source voice chat application for gamers that is significantly cheaper than the Houseparty app.

The app requires a paid subscription for the add-on features that allow for voice chat outside of the Mumble client.


Skype is one of the most popular VoIP apps available today. The app has been around for a long time and has a large following.

Many gamers use Skype to communicate with friends and family in addition to playing video games.


Discord is another popular VoIP app that is primarily a gaming app. It is an open-source app that requires a paid subscription for additional features.

What will happen to my Videos and Photos on the Houseparty App?

Are those wondering about videos and photos on Houseparty after the shutdown? No need to worry it is saved on your phone and is accessible to you.

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So after detailed information, we can say that the Houseparty app was one of the most popular apps in the market which could not continue for a long time.

The house party app allowed users to participate in group video chats, play games, and share live streams.

Whatever may be the reason, for its exit, we know nothing is Permanent.

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