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HOPE BEEL, Meet Your New Fitness Expert

Hope Beel is a well-known fitness model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur based in the United States. She is known for her toned physique and spreading positivity.

Hope has become a familiar personality in the fitness industry. She influences millions of fans to adopt healthy lifestyles and pursue their workout goals.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Hope Beel’s personal life background, and career. Let’s check out the key moments that have shaped her journey to success.

Hope Beel


Hope Beel
BIRTH DATE19 February 1989
BIRTHPLACETexas City, Texarkana
AGE33 Years Old
HEIGHT5 Feet 8 Inches (1.78 cm)
BODY MEASUREMENTS34-28-40 inches
NETWORTH$2 Million
PROFESSIONFitness Model, Health and Wellness Coach, Athlete
HUSBANDJustin Martin

Early Life and Education

Hope Beel was born on February 13, 1989, in Texarkana, Texas. She was raised in a family of athletes. Her father is a former professional football player and her mother is a fitness enthusiast.

From a young age, Hope was motivated to join sports and have an active lifestyle.

Hope joined Texas A&M University, where she studied nutrition and exercise physiology. During her university time, she was a part of the dance team and participated in workouts and wellness programs.

She also took part in several fitness competitions and was named Miss COED Texas A&M in 2010.

Hope Beel fitness

After completing her graduation from university, Hope chooses her career as a personal trainer and workout model. She immediately gained a lot of followers on social media. Her inspiring workout content and dedication to a healthy lifestyle made it possible.

Her popularity as a workout influencer helped her lead to partnerships with several fitness brands. Soon she became a sponsored athlete for companies such as BSN and Shredz.

Hope Beel looks happy

Now the fashion model began competing in fitness competitions on a national and international level. She went on to win several titles, including Miss Fitness Universe and Miss Fitness America.

She also grabbed the title of a National Physique Committee (NPC) bikini competitor and placed in the top ten in several competitions.

Hope Beel Model in black lingerie

Besides her fitness career, the fashion model also launched her own fitness brand, HB Fit. The brand covers a line of gym apparel and accessories. It also provides online training and nutrition programs.

Hope’s early life and education helped her with a strong foundation for her career as a fitness influencer and entrepreneur.

Her passion and dedication to workout and dedication to a healthy lifestyle have inspired and motivated countless individuals to join their own workout goals.

Hope beel gets in cover photo

During her path to success grow in her career, she remains a leading voice in the gym industry, promoting a message of health and wellness for all.


Hope Beel’s career in workout started soon after she completed her education. She started working as a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

It helped her clients develop custom workout plans and meal plans monitored to their individual goals and needs.

Hope Beel Model in red pants

In 2013, it was the time when Hope decided to take her workout journey to the next level. She started this by competing in fitness competitions.

She quickly established set herself as a top-noticed competitor, winning several titles and awards in the IFBB Bikini division. This includes the NPC Texas State Championships, the Ronnie Coleman Classic, and the Europa Games.

The fashion model’s success in the fitness competition program caught the attention of many top fitness brands and media outlets. This opened the doors of modeling opportunities.

Very soon she gained a reputation as one of the top gym models in the industry. Working with major brands such as Gymshark, BSN, and Bang Energy.

model in red bikini

The fashion star has honored the pages of several prominent fitness and lifestyle magazines. This includes Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness Hers, and Fitness Gurls. She has shared her tips and strategies for achieving a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Her success as a model has made her travel to different parts of the world. She has connected with fans and fellow fitness enthusiasts.

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Entrepreneurial Ventures

Model in black sports bra

In addition to her successful career as a gym model and athlete, the fashion star is also a successful entrepreneur. She has launched several businesses and brands, each focused on different aspects of the workout and wellness industry.

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The Top successful venture of Hope is her fitness brand, HB Fit. The brand offers a line of high-quality workout apparel and accessories. It also provides online training and nutrition programs.

HB Fit has become a popular destination for workout enthusiasts. They are stylish and functional workout gear, with effective training, and nutrition programs.

Model in jump suit

The fashion star has also launched a fitness retreat called HB Fitcation. The retreat is a four-day immersive experience. Here the participants can engage in group fitness classes, nutrition workshops, and other wellness activities.

The retreat helps and encourages participants to achieve their workout goals while also enjoying a fun and relaxing vacation experience.

Model at sunset

In addition to her own brands, Hope has also partnered with several other workout gyms and wellness companies.

She has joined supplement companies such as BSN and Shredz. A few of Hope’s fitness apparel brands are Bombshell Sportswear and Ethos Gear.

This business helped Hope to expand her reach and promote her message of health and wellness to a wider audience.

Hope’s ambitious journey demonstrates her passion for the workout and wellness industry. It helps her as well as her business awareness and ability to create and grow successful brands.

As she continues to participate in her entrepreneurial dreams, she remains a leading voice in the workout industry. It helped inspires and motivate others to achieve their own goals and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Model in white lingerie

Personal Life

The fashion star is not only known for her dedication to workouts and wellness but also values for her personal life and relationships.

She is been living in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Robin Gallant. He is also a fitness model and social media influencer.

You must have noticed Hope and Robin often share their fitness journey and personal life on their social media platforms. Their followers appreciate their transparency and authenticity.

The couple is known to post workout videos, healthy meal ideas, and travel photos, showing their love for fitness and adventure.

Model in black shorts

As for talking as a hobby for free time, Hope enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends. She has a close relationship with her parents. She is been seen often sharing photos and messages of value for them on her social media.

The best part of the model is that she is passionate about helping her community and supporting charitable causes.

She participates in several charity events and fundraising campaigns. It includes the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the American Cancer Society.

Model in black gown

Overall, the fashion star’s personal life reflects her values of life, health, workout, and family. She is a brand to spread positive influence on her followers.

People seek not only her fitness advice and success but also for her ability to balance her personal and professional life. Her commitment to making a positive impact on others.

Model in jeans

Hope Beel Age

As for Hope’s age to my knowledge, the cutoff of September 2021, Hope Beel was born on February 19, 1989, which means she would have been 32 years old at that time.

You are too good to calculate the remaining. However, it’s possible that her age may be different now, depending on the current date.

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