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What Is a Good SAT Score?

good score on SAT

A lot of people are talking about what Is a Good SAT Score. Honestly speaking a good sat score can help you raise your chances of getting to a particular college. There is no good sat score, but one should aim for at least a 1200 score. Let me tell you, that the SAT is … Read more

When did the PS4 come out?

When did PS4 come out

The gaming industry PS4 has been continuously growing and has been one of the most popular in the gaming industry. Its latest console, the PS5, taking the market by storm. But, the PlayStation 4 is still a popular console, as most gamers have yet to upgrade. In this post we will be discussing when did … Read more

TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022

TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022

TwitchCon is back! We’re super excited to announce that we’re hosting the Ultimate Squad Up at TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022 on 16-17 July in Amsterdam. TwitchCon is the “ultimate celebration with the gaming community,” where Twitch partners, affiliates, streamers, and viewers come together to celebrate their love of gaming. This year, we’re bringing the celebration to … Read more

How does apple pay work?

How to use Apple pay

All of us know Apple Pay, a digital wallet, and a new way to pay that is faster and more secure than using a credit card or debit card. But do you all know how does apple pay work? It is a method of payment that is useful in conjunction with Touch ID, Apple’s digital … Read more

What is Mpls networking?

Multiprotocol label switching

Most of the time, we use 4 different types of networks: LAN, WAN, Wireless, and the Internet. Most companies these days have a network for all four of these different types of networks. But what happens when you have to switch between networks? The problem is, that each network has its own set of standards … Read more

Rust programming languages

Rust programming languages

Rust programming languages have taken the software industry by storm. With its focus on safety and performance, it has become the programming language of choice for many companies. Rust language has the unique ability to compile to C and C++, making it an attractive option for companies who want to make use of multiple programming … Read more

8 Best Emotional Intelligence test

8 Best emotional intelligence tests for free

Emotional intelligence tests are one of the most common ways to assess emotional intelligence. They are used in schools and corporations to find out how well a person can handle their emotions and identify their own emotions. The idea of EI tests is that EI consists of a group of skills that are employed in … Read more