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About us

Hello, My name is Gregory Dcosta and I am the owner of this Blog. In this blog, I have covered many topics in general like Technology, Business, Science Electronics, and gadgets From the beginning, I had a hobby writing on various topics but I did not have a platform to explore it

Why do I choose to blog?

I think blogging is not about just writing on different topics and exploring. I think it’s more about listening and understanding different viewpoints, understanding one’s mind, experiencing knowledge and feedback, and also sharing ideas with the world. I loved to talk, read and understand various aspects and thus changed myself to be a passionate blogger.

So here I am, you can always visit my blog, read something new, and comment.

So here I am, you can always visit my website, read something new, and comment.

About us

Then myself Gregory Dcosta, the founder of, welcomes you to my blogging website.

Name– Gregory Dcosta

State– Goa, India

Email[email protected]