7 Hilarious TikTok Trend That Makes Lockdown Enjoyable

Do you know the Tiktok trend is fun especially when you are under the mindset of isolation and lockdown? You and your friends come together and make this lockdown enjoyable. A group can come together with topics, cover slides, and funny moments, and present them in detail in front of their friends.

The TikTok trend with a PowerPoint Presentation

1. Where will I See me and my Friends in the Future?

It is the most interesting topic on what our future might hold and to make predictions of our life.

  • Make a list of your friends and consider topics you want to include in presentations.
  • You might consider personal goals, personal aspirations, and future plans.
  • Powerpoint slides help you to create a timeline of your future life. With each slide, you can add text and visuals and describe what might happen in the coming years.
  • One can use creative images, videos, and animations to bring better vision insights into your future life.
  • And lastly, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box to bring creativity in making predictions as nobody exactly knows what are future lies.

2. Most Embarrassing Moments Presentation for Fun

 Most embrassing moments presentation for fun. TikTok trend

It’s fun to share the most embarrassing moments of our life as long as one is comfortable and presented in a light-hearted way.

  • You can make a list of the most embarrassing moments captured from your early childhood to any recent ones.
  • Also, use PowerPoint slides to create a timeline to share it promptly. You can add text visual aids to make it look real.
  • The use of images, videos, and animations will enhance your art of presenting your creativity.
  • Adding funny jokes and humor will definitely add to your presentable enjoyment.
  • Do remember to respect the privacy of others and be sensible enough while having fun.

3. Which Actors would Play us in a Movie Presentation for Fun

It is fun to imitate your close friend’s act and resemble your favorite actor in a movie.

  • Create a list of your favorite actors you might consider your friends to play or act in the scenes.
  • You need to consider your physical appearance, personality, and acting ability.
  • Again PowerPoint slides along with images and videos will help you create a strong visual scene.
  • You can also create slides for each person with their name headings and the actor they have chosen to play.
  • Remember to add quotes and scenes that are famous that will add more fun to your presentation.

4. What Type of Life Partner do you Suggest for your Friends

Start the list of qualities you think will be best for your friends according to his/her qualities. A thought of a life partner can be fun to share thoughts with them.

  • Get a list of qualities you think might be fit for your friends as a life partner.
  • Consider including moments of his/her life that actually happened.
  • Don’t forget to add jokes or funny moments along with incidents. The PowerPoint slides will definitely create slides, the list of characteristics you have been looking for.
  • Create each slide for each friend you want to include with the heading, ie name, quality, and the character you think fit for them.
  • Use text and visuals to show the characteristics you feel good about them. It’s important to add jokes and humor with visuals.
  • Again be respectful of your friends and their feelings and consider the moments are just for fun.

5. “What My Friends Would Get Arrested For”

Remember making jokes about criminal activity can be inappropriate and offensive for some. But taking it as a lighter note as fun, such activities will certainly make your friends laugh.

You can make a list of things you consider your friends are die-hard committed to and do whatever they can to achieve it. Remember you are your close friends and remember their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Get the list of the things and their weaknesses for the particular things, e,g Favorite actor/actress, Crush.
  • Again add PowerPoint slides and create each friend, and add their weaknesses along with jokes, humor, and visuals.
  • Be respectful and don’t mention to include at the top of the presentation, it’s just for fun.

6. What my Friends might look like holding a Bunch of Babies

Have you wondered how your best friend will look holding a bunch of babies? Lol, that’s funny. There are many ways you can represent your friend carrying babies.

  • Dressing the babies in silly costumes.
  • Diaper changing or bottle feeding.
  • Make them use Powerpoint slides for each of your friends separately.
  • Include jokes and humor along with appearance.
  • You can also create a parody of a popular TV show or movie, taking roles of their characters.
  • Also, can present a baby fashion show along with your friends is a good idea of presentation.

7. How would your Friends look at the Age of 70 or more? Presentation for Fun

Friends look at the age of 70 or more

It can be fun to imagine what your friends look like at different ages of their life.

  • Make a list of friends you want to portray.
  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation will help in displaying variety.
  • You can add a portrayal of young, middle-aged, and elderly for each of your friends. Again add a slide for each friend.
  • You could include details about their appearance, lifestyle, and interests.
  • Don’t forget to include humor and jokes about appearance that will make everybody laugh.
  • Finally, consider these moments just for fun and don’t hear anyone’s sentiments.

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We hope you enjoyed our blog on the Tiktok trend. With the Tiktok trend, friends come together online to create a shared edited video to have fun. This is extremely helpful to bring smiles to the faces of those who are depressed during lockdown days.

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